The Now now!!

On the 27th of January 2018 I performed a solo show on Guzheng and Electronics at 107 Projects Redfern as part of the Now now series. The NOW now is Australia’s longest running festival of spontaneous music, experimental sound and outlier performance. Now, here is a short clip from the concert.

CAPOW! 19th October, Thursday 1pm, 2017 Playhouse Theatre, Second Avenue, Kingswood


Title: Class War

Composers: Joseph Tabua and Ian Stevenson

Performers and instrumentation: Joseph Tabua: Guitar and live processing Ian Stevenson: Computer

In Noam Chomsky’s 1995 speech entitled “Class War: The Attack On Working People” he quotes John Dewey in suggesting that “the government is the shadow cast by business over society”. In this semi-improvised performance, Tabua and Stevenson invoke the aural shadow of oppression cast over our everyday lives by conventional structures.

Biogs: Joseph Tabua is a composer and multi-instrumentalist currently enrolled in a doctorate of creative arts at Western Sydney University. Ian Stevenson is an academic and researcher in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University.


      School of Humanities & Communication Arts
Western Sydney University



Composers and Performers Out West
Playhouse Theater 7:00PM 25th May

A Hat Full of Sky’



Holly Harrison – Drums

Joseph Tabua – Guitar

Jessica Graham – Violin



Tonight the experimental rock duo Tabua Harrison will be joined by violinist Jessica Graham aka Wren. The trio hope to create a dialogue with one another that maintains the ethos of improvisation.
“Improvisation is like talking in music.“ When we talk to each other, we’re improvising.