The Tina Turner Musical

I am so thrilled to share that I will be be holding down the bass chair in Tina Turner The Musical Australia 2023. Musical Director Christina Polimos says”Joseph brings an appealing crispness and the propulsive way he delivers his notes plays a crucial rhythmic role”.

All that is possible to anyone is possible to me. I do succeed, for I am full of the POWER of SUCCESS.

I want to give a huge shout out to David Nolan and the wonderful team at Amber Technology for asking me to be a brand ambassador. Their Rock N Roller Multi-Cart was a hit at the Melbourne Guitar Show and saved me at Opera Australia. This piece of kit is extraordinary! Also, thanks to Fender, PRS and Kobo Libra 2.

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Tina Band & Cast Arrive at Theatre Royal, Sydney.
April 18th was my first day at Theatre Royal. The TINA cast and crew are wonderful human beings. Especially the local director, company management and technical crew. Every single day since we’ve arrived has been rewarding and educational. Things I have learnt: 1.Help yourself 2. Figure out the band stand (Aviom monitors) 3. Be professional 4.Be authentic. Be straight 5. Self belief
This last point is vital because with so much is going on, so, whether performing with the cast or band you have to be focused. Nevertheless, it’s taken a long time to get here but I’m ready to step out of the comfort zone and soar.

This band room has become my second home. A flood of emotions rushing through me whilst getting prepared in this quiet space. Hope, doubt, and commitment to artistry.

The time has come. Opening night for TINA-The Tina Turner Musical Australia
May 18th 2023

TINA band & cast May 18th 2023 Theatre Royal

Bows: May 18th 2023 Theatre Royal
Finale: May 18th 2023 Theatre Royal
Bows: May 18th 2023 Theatre Royal
May 18th 2023 Theatre Royal
May 18th Theatre Royal
Proud Mary May 18th Theatre Royal
The Best May 18th Theatre Royal