Joseph Tabua Sydney, Australia

Here is a brand new piece titled ‘The Robot’. It’s inspired by one of my favourite English writers and philosophers Colin Wilson. Interestingly, Colin Wilson’s body of work deals with themes relating to the heights and depths of consciousness. So, I put forward, have you ever driven home from work and upon arrival, you come to the realisation and ask yourself, how did I get here? Again, how did I manage to drive home after such an exhausting day? Honestly, I can’t remember! Did I actually drive through a red light? Well, there’s no need to panic because the robot has taken over for that mundane task. However, it’s crucial that the robot doesn’t take over the things we enjoy doing. Like swimming in the ocean, going to the art gallery, spending time with your partner, and going to concerts. I wrestle with the robot most days, surprisingly, the robot is most welcome when I have to do the dishes right after dinner most nights.


‘Scout’ by Tabua-Harrison
Joseph Tabua-Electric Guitar
Holly Harrison- Drum Kit
Psychopyjama is very proud to announce the first release of a unique musical force. Tabua-Harrison makes music that is both completely improvised and absolutely accessible, with the visceral energy of rock, metal and funk and the intricacy and surprise of contemporary art music. Resident Psychopyjama artwork maestro Ryszard Dabek says of their debut album, Scout, “at times the duo’s work recalls other high-wire improv pairings such as John Coltrane and Rashied Ali on Interstellar Space as much as the restless creativity of Battles and the post-rock guitar stylings of Tortoise guitarist Jeff Parker.”

Hear Me Now


Apple Music Preview


Half Ocean Half Sky by Joseph Tabua
Released Feb 28th 2018

Art and Its Objects EP by Joseph Tabua release date October 13th 2016


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