2021 SNU Online Winter Music Festival – Korean Music Camp

In late October 2020 I was asked to write a piece for Gayageum (Korean plucked zither instrument) and Electric Guitar. The Gayageum was performed by Hayoung Yun of Seoul National University. The collaboration was realised over a number of weeks via email and a live feed to one recording session that took place in ”The Live Room” at Western Sydney University. ‘Waterways’ first premiered at Western Sydney University on November 10th and ‘Waterways’ was featured at Seoul National University’s Korean Music Camp Seminar in 2021. Below is a video of the conference as well as some other incredible pieces.

Seminar – New Creativity: Korea and Australia Music Collaboration Hyelim Kim (Taegum, Ph.D.) This session will explore the creative dialogue between Korean traditional musicians at Seoul National University and composers at Western Sydney University. The process of music making including composition, performance as well as the final product of recording the collaborated pieces will be explained by the students and faculty who participated in this project. The discussions will tackle the intercultural communication used for musical exchanges between Korea and Australia. Chair/ prof. Anna Yates-lu Panels/ Prof. Ji-young Yi, Dr. Bruce Crossman, Dr. Hyelim Kim Student Collaborations/ Jinju Yang, Robert Moss, Eon-hwa Lee, Joseph Tabua, Hayoung Yun
— 제작/ 서울대학교 국악과 (과장 김경아) Presented by SNU KOREAN MUSIC (Prof. Kim Kyeong Ah) 스탭/ 박진형, 김지원, 이은비 Staff/ Park Jinhyoung, Kim jiwon, Lee EunBee, 기술/ 김종록 Engineer/ Kim Jong-rock 디자인/ 성주혜 Design/ Sung Joohye 도움주신 분/ 김혜림 선생님 Special thanks to Hyelim Kim @서울대학교 관악캠퍼스 Seoul National University SNU KOREAN MUSIC CAMP 2021

Waterways for Gayageum and Electric Guitar

Film Maker: Vincent Tay & JT

‘Waterways’ recording session

Recording guitar parts while Gayageum player Hayoung Yun watches from Korea

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