Waterways by Joseph Tabua & Yoon Ha-young

Waterways is a comprovisation originally for gayageum and electric guitar. The term ‘comprovisation’ is used here to reflect unity of music, performance and a place where two parts become influential. Though, as the collaboration ventured out it dared to become something quite majestic. My sentiments about “comprovisation” put forward that cross-cultural collaboration is immensely rewarding. So, it is through this collaboration between Seoul National University and Western Sydney University that encourages discourse around notions of composition and performance. As a cross-cultural composer it is necessary to connect with the other. The other is everything to me, for I am the outsider. In fact, we have all been outsiders at some point in our lives. But, through cross-cultural collaboration we can work selflessly for the good of humanity, or at least create music to motivate the anxious amongst us.

Soundcloud link to Waterways

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