Press Record

Measure twice, cut once.

Back in the studio again today to focus on track 3 (West) that will appear on the Intervals (honours project) album. For such a short piece it was a very complex yet cogent piece of music to embrace. Interestingly, what was exciting about today’s recording session was the very limited conversation between my colleague on the drums and myself playing the electric guitar. There was an important mission to be carried out. The music spoke for itself. That might sound somewhat clichéd, but I like to enter the recording space with a positive mental attitude. By doing so this will produce consistent results and being prepared both mentally and physically is how to comprehensively get the job done. A major highlight from today was the main studio and having the ability to open up a wide range of technologies that made the song even more dynamic. It’s the beauty of learning that makes you fearful and excited. This was felt whilst listening back to the previous takes inside the main studio, and it’s a place that influences creativity.

Joseph Tabua Aug 3rd


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