Music Project Inception@Fine Music FM 102.5

  • August 8th First visit to Fine Music 102.FM
  • Spoke at length with Station Manager Liz Terracini and Program Director Steve Marc about my research project and effectively what my study is about. Further discussion about expectations and what I hope to achieve through a professional practice research, to be undertaken at Fine Music 102.5 FM
  • I have been summoned to work on a live broadcast for Fine Music FM on August 30th 
  • Details of the ensemble to be recorded are yet to be confirmed
    Dual radio channel (conventional radio and digital radio)
  • Monday –Friday between the hours 12pm-4pm the line is split: meaning there are two simultaneous broadcasting streams in motion (alternate programming)
  • Playlist uses a program called Netia to assemble playlist and window of opportunity intro
  • There are 290 volunteers that work at Fine Music FM 102.5
  • I will undertake the research led project every Friday from the 15th August
  • My first investigation commences on Friday 15th August at 9:30am
    NETIA- radio automation software

    This software tool is used to assist radio programmers when compiling a specific playlist or program.

Netia (Radio Automation Software) from whispering black on Vimeo.

Fine Music FM Program Director Steve-Marc Mculloch explains how Netia works in the studio.

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