Composers And Performers Out West

Thursday May 26th

On the night of May 26th, the last ever CAPOW concert was held in the ‘Performance Space’ of Western Sydney University Kingswood. The concert featured musical works by Noel Burgess, Hanli Botha, Diana Blom, Espradrille, Tabua Harrison and David Rapicano.
It really is quite amazing the way in which a room can affect you. Especially, the way in which the artist occupies a space. Does the room inspire artistry or is it ultimately the artist who is in control? Maybe certain rooms have a type of supernatural element that inspires each and every person that enters. Again, this is interesting, because a unique room like Western Sydney University’s ‘Performance Space’ allowed us to be quiet and reflective, as well as providing a private area to hear the muse. Previously, as an undergraduate I had spent a lot of time in the ‘Performance Space’ undertaking exams, watching workshops and absorbing many diverse musical performances. So, it is without question, I will truly miss coming here.