Play the music, not the instrument.

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  • New narratives and emotional states

    Juxta Jam premieres on Saturday 9 April, as part of NEXUS: Youth Arts Festival at Bankstown Arts Centre. NEXUS is an eclectic mix of installations, exhibitions, music, and workshops. NEXUS runs from 3pm to 8pm, with Juxta Jam featuring in the theatre from 5pm to 8pm. You can find out more about NEXUS here:…

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  • Breaking News

    I am absolutely thrilled to share that I have been commissioned to write a new piece of music for NEXUS as part of Sydney Festival 2022. The world premier will take place at Bankstown Arts Centre.

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  • Waterways by Joseph Tabua & Yoon Ha-young

    Waterways is a comprovisation originally for gayageum and electric guitar. The term ‘comprovisation’ is used here to reflect unity of music, performance and a place where two parts become influential. Though, as the collaboration ventured out it dared to become something quite majestic. My sentiments about “comprovisation” put forward that cross-cultural collaboration is immensely rewarding.…

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Expert Music Educator

Lessons in Music Theory, 1 on 1 Instrumental Tuition
and Vocal Training
Casual Academic at Western Sydney University
Kingswood, Penrith
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Piano & Composition Teacher at
Inner West Institute of Music

Composing & Arranging

I’m a highly skilled musician, producer, and film composer.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

PhD Student Western sydney University

My Mentors:
Bruce Crossman and Clare Maclean