The Robot (For Colin Wilson)

Here is a brand new piece titled ‘The Robot’. It’s inspired by one of my favourite¬†English writers and philosophers Colin Wilson. Interestingly, Colin Wilson’s body of work deals with themes relating to the heights and depths of consciousness. So, I put forward, have you ever driven home from work and upon arrival, you come to the realisation and ask yourself, how did I get here? Again, how did I manage to drive home after such an exhausting day? Honestly, I can’t remember! Did I actually drive through a red light? Well, there’s no need to panic because the robot has taken over for that mundane task. However, it’s crucial that the robot doesn’t take over the things we enjoy doing. That is, swimming in the ocean, going to the art gallery, spending time with your partner, and attending concerts. I wrestle with the robot most days, surprisingly, the robot is most welcome when I have to do the dishes right after dinner most nights.
Nevertheless, hopefully, this will tide you over until I finish my solo LP ‘Half Ocean Half Sky’.