First movement Baba

Last night using my synthesizer¬†I recorded the first movement titled ‘Baba’ which will feature in my three movement honors project composition. The piece uses limited pitch sets, dyads, triads, arpeggios, suspended chords and repetitive cycles. Common characteristics often found in classical minimalism. Over the past two months I have found it extremely difficult to commit to composing daily, because of the immense theoretical aspect involving my honors research. However, with all worthy enterprises pain must be endured. ‘Baba’ was inspired by an essay I read recently about Miles Davis and¬†Karlheinz Stockhausen written by Barry Bergstein. Bergstein talks about their aesthetic practices and how they influenced each another. Tremendous essay, go read it for yourself, truly inspiring stuff.

Bergstein, B. (1992). Miles Davis and Karlheinz Stockhausen: A reciprocal relationship. Musical Quarterly, 76(4), 502-525.

Albums listened to this week
1. On the Corner by Miles Davis
2. Improvisations by Ravi Shankra
3. Solo by Nils Frahm
4. The Koln Concert by Keith Jarrett